Ivan Obretenov


Ivan Obretenov was born in 1948 in Varna. He has graduated from the faculty of philosophy of the Sofia University . He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists.

Since 1982 has participated in international exhibitions:
'EVEart Gallery', Budapest represented him in the European art exhibitions
1998- Art Jonction, Nice, France
1998- St`art, Strassbourgh, France
1997/98- Line Art, Gent, Belgium
He has also taken part in exhibitions in Berlin 1983, Moscow1983, Gdansk1986, Prague1987, Aosta1988, Toronto1989,90,91, London1992, Paris “Drouot” 1991, Vienna1997, Kuwait1998, Rome1999, Brussels2001
2001- The World Exhibition '1001 Reasons to Love the Earth'

One-man exhibitions:

2008-Varna, Art museum “Georgi Velchev”
2007- Plovdiv, Heros Gallery
2007- Berlin, Oder 24 Gallery
2004- Varna, Kavalet Gallery
2001-Varna, Tagea Gallery
2000- Varna, AVI Gallery through the Festival 'August in Arts'
1998- Varna City Gallery
1992- Vienna, Art Gallery Hadwiger
1992- Budapest, EVEart Gallery
1988- Veliko Tarnovo, Rakovski 3 Gallery
1988- Varna City Gallery
1985 Sofia, Rakovsky 108 Art Gallery
In 2000 he won the Annual Artist Award of DIVA Gallery, Varna
In 2007 the Annual Award of Art Museum “Georgi Velchev” Varna
In 2009 the Annual award 'Varna" for visual arts